KAWAMURATotal Planning

Endeavors to Ensure Safety and Security

Quality Control

Quality of Materials and Parts

We scrutinize the quality of all metals, fabrics and resin materials to secure high quality and minimize the environment impact.

Acceptance testing

At the stage of purchasing materials, we conduct stringent testing to reject non-standard materials or others that do not conform to specifications.

History management

From acceptance and assembly through to shipment, we perform lot management of materials and parts.

Metal composition analyzer
X-ray analyzer
Universal tester
Neutral salt spray
testing machine

Stability Test

We regularly conduct running durability tests and wheelchair drop tests using in-house test equipment that complies with the JIS standard (JIST9201:2016) or at a third-party testing organization. This ensures that we maintain and improve the safety and durability of our products.

For those types of wheelchairs that the JIS standard does not cover, we conduct a safety testing according to our internal standards to confirm safety, and use the obtained results daily to review specifications and develop new products.

In-house test equipment
Running durability test
Wheelchair drop test
Caster load test
Static stability test

Quality of Materials and Parts


At Kawamura Cycle, we plan, develop and design wheelchairs and other assistive products for people with disabilities, produce these items in small lots, and stringently inspect all products before shipment.
We mass-produce our products at ZHANGZHOU LEATAI MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Co., Ltd., our production subsidiary in Fujian, China.

  • Inamino Factory [Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo]
  • Kobe Factory [Nishi-ku, Kobe]
  • Kobe Factory No. 2 [Nishi-ku, Kobe]

At each factory, we conduct pre-shipment tests and record test results for all products.

Kobe Factory No. 2
Inamino Factory