Company History

August 1995 Established Green Helper Co., Ltd.
October 1995 Through the transfer of goodwill, the trading name was changed to Kawamura Cycle Co., Ltd.; The business started in Suma-ku, Kobe.
September 1998 Established the Inamino Factory and relocated the headquarters office to the factory (1-13, Takokusa, Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo).
February 1999 Relocated the Fukuoka Office (current Fukuoka Service Center) to Nishi-ku, Fukuoka.
July 1999 Obtained SG Mark certification for factories from the Consumer Product Safety Association.
September 1999 Released the “Rental Support System.”
May 2000 Released the “Two-week Made-to-order System”
October 2000 Acquired the headquarters office and Kobe Factory and relocated the headquarters to the present location at 3-9-1, Kamishinchi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo.
August 2001 Relocated the Tokyo Office (current Tokyo Service Center) to Taito-ku, Tokyo.
November 2001 Opened the Nagoya Office (current Nagoya Service Center) in Kasugai, Aichi.
December 2002 Invested in 漳州立泰康復器材有限公司 (Fujian, China).
October 2003 Expanded the headquarters office and Kobe Factory.
December 2003 Obtained integrated authentication of ISO9001 (Quality management system) and ISO14001 (Environmental management system).
October 2004 Listed in the Mothers section of the TSE.
October 2004 Completed construction of Kobe Factory No. 2 (3-7-3, Kamishinchi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo).
April 2006 Released a new brand, “Love & Courage.”
December 2007 Took an equity stake in Land Walker Co., Ltd.
April 2008 Made 漳州立泰康復器材有限公司 (Fujian, China) a 100% subsidiary.
March 2010 Obtained JIS certification for assistive technology for people with disabilities.
May 2010 Concluded a business partnership agreement with MAX Co., Ltd.
June 2010 As a result of a takeover bid for our shares by MAX Co., Ltd., Kawamura Cycle became a subsidiary of the company.
March 2013 Delisted from the Mothers section of the TSE.